Employee Theft

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Employee theft is the leading cause of losses for businesses nationwide. The numbers of Employee Fraud and theft incidents are constantly rising. At Ball Investigations our team has over 50 years of corporate retail experience in a retail environment investigating employee theft. An estimated 45% of shrinkage in 2011 was due to employee theft totaling $15.9 billion. Ball Investigations has an array of techniques to investigate employees, customer service, cashiers, stockrooms, sales floors, cash offices, vendors, hospitality, valet parkers, and more. Our Investigators are licensed private investigators in the State of California and Wick Lander certified.  We will perform all investigations from beginning to end, finding out who, what, where, and how your losses occurred. Ball Investigations conducts employee interviews including fact finding interviews, gaining resolution on all employee theft and company policy violation matters. Whether it is prosecution of that employee or civil demand. Ball Investigations will assist your company in recovering your losses. We are the professionals. We service the Los Angeles and other surrounding areas.

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