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Auditing compliance / EAS Electronic Article System: Ball Investigations understands that audits are essential management tool when it comes to verifying objective evidence of processes to assess how successfully processes have been implemented. We provide effectiveness of achieving any target levels and provide evidence concerning reduction and elimination of problem areas of losses. For the benefit of the organization, Ball Investigations will not only report non-conformances and corrective actions, but also highlight areas of good practice. Ball Investigations provides training in the way of audit compliance and (EAS) Electronic Article System compliance.

Your departments can share this information and amend their working practices as a result, also contributing to continual improvement. Most major retail corporations use Electronic Article Systems, but most corporations improperly use of the EAS tagging buy either improper placement of the EAS tag or failure of 100% tagging compliance in higher shrink areas. Reducing the effectiveness of the EAS responsibility. Ball Investigations specializes in improving the effectiveness of your Electronic Article System (EAS). Please contact us for more information. We service the Los Angeles and other surrounding areas

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