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Even though we offer several different Investigation services in the Los Angeles area, what inspires Ball Investigations is obtaining the facts in the matter. Retail Investigations, Undercover Operatives Operations, Safeguard the companies intellectual properties, Investigate suspected internal / external dishonesty. Audit programs for policy and procedure compliance, Alarm systems and Surveillance camera installations. Ball Investigations supports operational programs to aid in the reduction of fraud and controllable losses. With Organized Retail Crime, Workers Compensation 85% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly. We’ve investigated hundreds of employees cases and 97% of employee's stole from the company. In most cases, you know your employees well. You hired them, after all. They wouldn't steal. Besides, it's a good company and if someone were stealing, you'd know it. Wouldn't you? Not so fast. A few statistics might change your mind; this figure translates to a potential global fraud loss of more than $2.9 trillion  

Ball Investigations has extended it services to providing Legal Investigators in assisting individual’s law enforcement agencies and corporations. What's the best way to respond? There's no one solution. Ball Investigations with years of experience in obtaining those facts. We service West Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Please contact us.

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