External Theft Prevention

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Ball Investigations external theft prevention awareness programs are designed to teach companies on the type of external theft known as shoplifting. What is shoplifting? Shoplifting is the taking or carrying away, of the property of another without the consent of the owner of the property with the intent to presently deprive the owner of the property. Ball Investigations theft awareness program is designed to train companies on the basic loss prevention defiance’s, 10” 80” 10 theory, groups, organizations, and customers, who enter you, company to steal.

We understand that every dollar lost effects of bottom line of a company and has an array of different deterrents from employee training, to how we provide the opportunity, CCTV surveillance, (EAS) and electronic article systems, to any of the most current state of the art devices. Our main goal was to develop a program that a company and employee’s can follow to deter shoplifting, and reduce losses through employee awareness. Reducing losses to your bottom line. We service the Los Angeles and other surrounding areas. We care!

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