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We're a California private investigations agency, providing undercover operatives, surveillance, background checks, integrity shops, organized retail crime and more. Ball Investigations is owned and headed by Raymond Ball, with over 20 plus years of experience in corporate investigations in a retail environment. His work experience includes fortune 500 companies. Raymond has devoted years as a corporate investigator. Providing direction and leadership in reducing shrink/losses within the companies higher shrink stores. His work ethics and professionalism have earned him numerous awards for his related field. His education in the field of information systems, criminal Law along with related work experience and street savvy, provides Raymond with an edge and the ability to apply principles of logical scientific thinking to define problems.

Raymond is also registered with the State of California as a Private Investigator and is current certified as WZ (Wicklander&Zulawski) interrogation specialist. What inspired Raymond, Over time, he realized that crime extend well beyond the limits of retail theft. The complexity of criminal activity progressing and escalating both threats and financial consequences, with employee theft, organized retail crime, fraud, worker compensation and other criminal acts like primes liability cutting deep into company profits, Corporations are forced to modify their approach to protect their investments and their business. Ball Investigations are highly motivated investigators that have spent many years investigation criminal acts, human motivation and conducted hundreds of investigations and interviews to determine the fact in the matter.  

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