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Ball Investigations is a team outside your company; our investigation teams are building to add value to the organization. We provide leadership course on how to prevent shrinkage. This can best described as the amount of merchandise physically available in a location versus the amount of inventory that location is supposed to have according to its inventory records. Ball Investigations knows issues that can contribute to inventory shrinkage.

Employee theft, operational errors, shoplifting, Miscounts, inaccurate vendor shipments, poor receiving practices, just to name a few. All of these impact the profitability of an organization and must be part of a comprehensive loss prevention initiative. Ball Investigations specializes in retail multi-stores, all of our investigators worked in retail. We understand retail, and feel comfortable in a retail environment. Our focus is on the root of these losses and we employ strategies designed to lessen the impact on the company’s bottom line. We service the Los Angeles and other surrounding areas

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