Missing Person/Skip Tracing

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A person who has gone missing can often be found through a process known as skip tracing. There are many reasons a person may disappear. Bad debts, abusive home life and mental illness are just a few of the reasons why thousands of people disappear each year. Skip tracing investigators use a number of techniques to locate missing people. Many people are aware of the most common routes when trying to locate a missing person

Telephone books, phone directories stored on CD-ROMs and calling directory resources are the first point of call. They may not always be successful; Ball Investigations can produce new leads. Public records and court files and motor vehicle records are a valuable source of information. Property records are also used, and old addresses can be followed up with new forwarding addresses for the missing person. With skip tracing, it is important to verify and follow up the data found, then search other sources until all leads are exhausted. We service the Los Angeles and other surrounding areas    

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