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The problem for Restaurants and hospitality companies, un suspecting customers leave wallets, purses, and other valuables inside there hotel rooms among others things, is that thieves have found more and more ways to steal money, customer credit card and other personal information in order to create counterfeit credit cards in the victim's name.,..or to use the credit card information to fraudulently purchase goods over the Internet with the victim's identity.

At Ball Investigations with experience Private Detectives can assist in these type of crimes. We Interview the victim(s), Conduct a detailed analysis of victim's credit reports for evidence of fraud along with internal investigation. In addition, restaurant and front desk point-of-sale locations are common "hang-outs" for dishonest employees who steal cash and are armed with credit card "skimmers" that record guest credit card data for later use in identity fraud. We service the Los Angeles and other surrounding areas.

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