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If your business isn't aggressively working to stop theft and embezzlement, then you're risking a "death of a thousand cuts" - running into so many small problems from so many sources that they pool together and cause a major problem for your bottom line. But a private investigator can help plug those leaks and get you sailing smoothly. Here's how, usually when people say "the cat's out of the bag", they mean that once a problem has reached a certain tipping point, there's no point even bothering to restore the damage. Luckily, private investigators are taught to ignore that advice 

When your business is being crushed by internal theft, they can track it down, using their specialized knowledge and round the clock dedication to help law enforcement find your stolen property, whether it's physical, virtual, or intellectual. One of the most vital steps when it comes to preventing loss in a business is a calm, rational analysis that improves your overall security. How much merchandise is returned to your store? How many refunds are given out in cash? Does most of your fraud risk come from customers or employees? It's hard to prevent money from leaking out of your business unless you know what the risk factors are, and a wrong guess can do much more harm than good. We service the Los Angeles and other surrounding areas.    

If you're in a business, you know that you put your reputation on the line with every hire. What you might not know is that according to California law, an employer can be deemed negligent if they hire a dangerous employee who interfaces with customers without doing due diligence. And let me tell you, a trustworthy smile doesn't qualify as due diligence - you need to dig into their identity and history. In an ideal world, we would be able to trust everyone we did business with. But since that ideal world doesn't exist yet, unsavory employees can pretty easily get away with making a fraudulent claim and then cashing in away from your watchful eye. 

Ball Investigations team is dedicated to in assisting retail companies and establishment in reducing any and all losses do to day to day operations.

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